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40 PSIG =. 2828.597306 mmHg. 41 PSIG =. 2880.312238 mmHg.

140 mmhg to psi

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32. 120. 90. M12. 4. 32. 140.


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1 pascal is equal to 0.00014503773800722 psi, or 0.0075006157584566 mm Hg. Note that rounding errors may occur, so always check the results. Use this page to learn how to convert between pounds/square inch and millimeters mercury. Type in your own numbers in the form to convert the units! ›› Quick conversion chart of psi to mm Hg 724.00906 Millimeter Mercury (0°C) (mmHg) Psi : Psi is the abbreviation of pound per square inch, and is widely used in British and American.

140 mmhg to psi

45 Degree Plug-In Elbow 6 mm Tube OD Legris 3180 06 00

140 mmhg to psi

350 bar/5 075 140. 5,5.

Conversion formulas Kilopound per square inch , Pounds per square inch (ksi, psi): mmhg[standard]= 759.99995199606atm.. mmhg[technical]= 735.55912101486atm.. where: mmHg to psi (mmHg:millimeter of mercury, psi:pound-force per square inch) Convert mmHg to psi (R407C) with temperature in the range of -51.12°C (-60.016°F) to 60°C (140°F) Weights and Measurements. The stone per inch is a measurement unit of linear or linear mass density The electric potential φ(A) of a point A 100 mmHg = 1.934 PSI enter value and units for conversion mmHg to millidyne/centiare. mmHg to kN/har. mmHg to kilogram-force/square meter. mmHg to milligram-forces/square rod (UK) mmHg to decapascal.
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140 mmhg to psi

2,09. 14. 200. 140. 90. 1,300. 50.

0-14.7 psi vac. 15PSIGVAC. – 14.7 0-70 bar. 70BARG. 1015.
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140 mmhg to psi

Överbelastning Tillgängliga enheter mikrometer, Pa, hPa, mbar, Torr, mmHg, inHg, inH2O Ställ in målvärdet för överhettning mellan 0 och 60°C (32 och 140°F). ➢ Ställ in målvärdet  140, Locale Display Names, Languages (A-D), C, Chamorro ▻ ch, Chamorro 6965, Units, Weather, millimeter-ofhg, short-displayName, mmHg, mm Hg 6977, Units, Weather, pound-force-per-square-inch, narrow-displayName, psi, s:d/  140, Locale Display Names, Languages (A-D), C, Chamorro ▻ ch, Chamorro 6773, Units, Weather, millimeter-ofhg, short-displayName, mmHg, mm Hg 6785, Units, Weather, pound-force-per-square-inch, narrow-displayName, psi, s:d/  British Journal of Anaesthesia 2017; 119: 140–9. 160 mmHg intra‐operatively, including in the emergence phase (last 30 min of the anaesthetic record). Patient State Index (PSI) is a four‐channel electro‐encephalogram  It is a difficult task to predict eclampsia, and the superior diagnostic tools in preeclampsia was new-onset hypertension (≥ 140/90 mmHg,  67 copy.pdf. mbar mmvp mmHg Pa bar psi mvp kPa MPa Elektro ReläAB Tel 0 570 526 53,6 120 114 0 580 535 54,1 130 124 0 590 543 54,7 140 133 0 600  PA > 140/90 (mm Hg) 61.3 39.2 e sostanze di abuso, diabete, fumo, in psi – aterogena (triglycerides >200 mg/dl, HDL-cholesterol <50 mg/dl;.

Millimeter Of Mercury (abbreviations: mm Hg, or mmHg): is a manometric unit of pressure, equal to 133.322387415 pascals. It is the extra pressure generated by a column of mercury of one millimeter high. Pound Per Square Inch (abbreviations: psi, or lb/in2): is a unit of pressure or of stress helps in the conversion of different units of measurement like psi to mmHg through multiplicative conversion factors. (psi), use the formulas below: Ppsi = 0.0145038 × Pmb Pmb = 68.9476 ×Ppsi To convert between kilopascals (kPa)and pounds per square inch (psi), use the formulas below: Ppsi = 0.145038 × PkPa PkPa = 6.89476 ×Ppsi To convert between standard atmosphere (atm)and millimeters of mercury (mmHg) or torr, This calculator allows you to make pressure units conversions between atmosphere atm, bar b, hectopascal hPa, kilogram force per sq. cm kgf/cm 2, kilogram force per sq. meter kgf/m 2, kilopascal kPa, millibar, millimeter of mercury mmHg, pascal Pa, pounds per square foot psf, pounds per square inch psi, torr Torr.
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Rör. O.D tum. Rörtjocklek (mm) Tryckomräkning. Det blir.. mbar bar mm vp tum vp mm Hg tum. Hg psi kg/cm2. mm Hg mm kvicksilver. Tum Hg. Tum kvicksilver.

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Maximum Pressure. 5.69 psi (40 kPa) Attainable Vacuum. -5.51 in. Hg (-140 mmHg)  Pound per square inch (psi). 14.5. Pound per square foot (psf).